South Shore Art Show


Brianna Cassidy (12) smiles next to her ceramic bowl “Unrefined.” Out of all schools that participated, she won the Best Ceramic award.

Emily Lisac, Author

One of the many places where students can submit their works of art is the art exhibition at the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster.On Sunday May 3, 2015, 34 schools participated, featuring about 80 pieces of student-made artwork. Lake Central alone won 11 monetary awards that ranged from $25 to $200.

An array of artwork was displayed that varied from charcoal drawings to glass fountains. One paper work that won an Honorable Mention was Ryan Bertossi’s (12) “Me, Myself, and Light.”

“I created [the artwork] as my first nine weeks project, and the medium [that the class] was supposed to work with was paper. Mine is kind of a self portrait, but I’m not sure if it looks like me. The concept behind my piece is not so much a resemblance of me but qualities I have. I’m surrounded by the night sky, and on both sides, I have glow in the dark stars. On the left side is my zodiac sign, and on the right, I have the big dipper, which has my birth star in it,” Bertossi said.

Students were also allowed to submit ceramic bowls, vases and sculptures. Brianna Cassidy (12) won Best Ceramic with her piece “Unrefined.”

“I was inspired by more rustic surfaces. I thought it was something different than most ceramic pieces that are picture perfect. For each [piece], it’s different textures. Some of them I threw on the floor, and others ones I took a tool and scratched the clay. For some of the other textures I painted sodium silicate on the clay, and when it dried, I pushed on the clay, and it cracked the surface of it. I was pretty surprised [when I won the award]. I did not think I was going to win anything,” Cassidy said.