Coming to a close


Graduation caps soar into the air as a symbol of joy and satisfaction for completing high school. Graduation has been scheduled for Thursday, May 28.

Ashley Kralik, Author

The end of the school year can be an anxious time of the year for some students.

For seniors, their time with Lake Central is coming to a close. Come August, new students will form the freshman class, while sophomores and juniors will continue their journey throughout high school.

“I’m planning to take a lot of math and science classes because I want to work in the medical field. As [far] as taking a few online summer classes, I don’t know what exact classes I will be taking yet, but I all I want to do is become an anesthesiologist. Whatever classes that [are required for] me to reach my goal, I will take them,” Miya Cruz (10) said.

With summer just around the corner, students can look back and finally celebrate another school year.

“My freshmen year has taught me to become more independent and responsible. I never really realized how much it had affected me, but I’m glad it did. Right now, I’m much more focused on my future. I hope that my next couple of years here will guide me to where I want to be,” Melicah Rodriguez (9) said.

No one knows what the next year will hold. With Mr. Robin Tobias’s resignation and the proposal of a new bell schedule, students can expect to see changes in the year to come.