Girls tennis defeats Michigan City, notices improvements


Navneet Kaur (12) swings to hit the ball as it approaches her side of the court. Kaur maintained focus as she watched the ball.

Gianna Mills, Author

Honoring senior tennis players on Senior Night, the girls tennis team defeated Michigan City in their matches on May 12. The girls have looked back on the entire season and recognized their strengths and weaknesses.

“This season, we had a lot of wins. We’re ranked number one in the region. There was a lot of injuries, but together as a team we came together and proved that we’re a strong team,” Emily Birlson (12) said.

The girls have conquered their weaknesses and have improved in aspects that help them with their matches.

“It’s really easy when you’re starting to lose your game to get down on yourself and just to start throwing away the game, but I stayed strong and just kept pushing even though I knew that the girl I was playing was good,” Anna Wachowski (10) said.

It can be difficult to make every aspect perfect, but the tennis team has managed to find the solution to problems in the past that they have had.

“We’ve definitely improved our skill level since the beginning of the season. Hitting the practices really hard and going all out there really helped us out,” Katrina Lozanoski (10) said.

Tennis is a unique sport in many aspects, especially with the individual aspect of the game.

“It’s a really different sport than other teams because it’s more individual. But then, at the end of the day, you all come together to support each other,” Wachowski said.

Looking back on the season, players have noticed an improvement both in skills and in growing closer to each other.

“[I love] just being with all of the girls together and growing really close with them throughout our season. I love playing tennis and being able to play with all of your best friends is a great feeling,” Lozanoski said.