Student success in French recognized


All of the winners smile for a group picture taken by parents and teachers. The picture was taken towards the end of the banquet, and after the students received their medals.

Tori Wilkes, Author

In March, some students throughout the four levels of French offered at Lake Central took the National French Exam, and on Sunday, May 17, a banquet was held to recognize the students who placed in the top five throughout the region.

“[When I went up to get my medal] I was really surprised, because last year I didn’t place at all, and I thought the test was a lot harder, so I was really happy,” Adare Pitchford (11) said.

For some students, this was not their first time being recognized for their abilities on the National French Exam.

“I feel very proud of myself [knowing that I’ve placed in the top five for the second time] because even though I didn’t get first this year I feel like I made an improvement which means a lot to me,” Dianne Cometa (10) said.

The National French Exam presents opportunities to place regionally and even nationally.

“I was proud, of course, [with my first place ranking in the French II division]. I aim for Nationals, but I was pretty happy [with how I did this year]. My biggest fear was that I would get worse than what I did last year, because that would be kind of disappointing,” Lana Niewiadomski (10) said.

The banquet included an award recognition as well as refreshments that the students and families could eat. It was held at Lake Central and was run by the French teachers here and included teachers from other schools.

“I was delighted that they made the effort to come out. I really enjoyed meeting the families because we don’t always have an opportunity to meet them outside of Open House,” Mrs. Nancy Tilka, World Language, said.