Final dissection with fetal pigs


Mrs. Lisa Moreno, science, helps Kendal Bartochowski (11) cut into the brain of the fetal pig. The brain of a pig had similar anatomy of a human brain.

Amber Stedt

As students walked into Room 9217, some immediately began to complain about the strong smell of fetal pig preserves. Their task was to complete the final dissection in Zoology.

Although there were complaints about the stench, some students enjoyed examining the anatomy of fetal pigs.

“I liked this project because the pig is so similar to our anatomy, and it is really cool being able to see the organs of an everyday animal,” Tyler Paluszak (11) said.

At their discretion, students could cut the skull to see the anatomy of the brain.

“Cutting open the brain felt intriguing and aggravating because the skull is pretty tough and hard to cut into,” Gage O’Connor (12) said.

Students who are interested in Zoology labs similar to this one can contact Mrs. Lisa Moreno, science, in Room 9217 with any questions about taking the class next year.