APUSH teachers distribute summer packet


Observing their summer work packets, students who will be taking APUSH listen to Mr. Tom Clark, History, describe what work they will have to do in them. They received the work packets in Room C313 on Monday.

Elena Gorney, Author

On Monday, May 18, students who will be taking AP U.S. History during the 2015-2016 school year met in Room C313 to receive their summer homework packets.

“I decided to take [APUSH] my sophomore year to get it out of the way and because I actually like U.S. History. I thought it would be interesting,” Samantha Tugman (9) said.

The packets the students have to complete and turn in on their first day of class involve reading the first four chapters of the textbook, answering essential questions and completing a study guide.

“I was intimidated by [the work packet] because it was a lot more work than I thought [it would be], but I’m sure I can get it done,” Tugman said.

Students who are taking APUSH next year will have to keep up with the rigorous, college-level course to fully prepare for the AP test in May.

“[APUSH] is very intense, but it’s very in-depth, and it’s going to help [students] immensely in college and in life,” Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, said.