AP Psych students celebrate hard work


Lana Niewiadomski (10) and Ana Boulas (12) choose the flavor of pop they want. Although many students left before the movie was over, they were all welcome to have as much pizza and pop as they wanted.

Candace Jarzombek, Author

Mr. Ralph Holden, Social Studies, held a movie party for his AP Psychology students on May 20. The students ate pizza while watching the movie “Identity.”

“[‘Identity’] was a very inceptive movie where you thought you were watching a movie about murders, but it was really a movie based off a man who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the characters competed for the dominant control of this man’s psyche,” Aidan McCambridge (12) said.

In addition to exercising some of the knowledge gained in the class, the students enjoyed a reward for all of the effort they put into the class.

“The class was definitely a lot of work, and I had to work really hard at almost everything. [Mr. Holden’s] party with all the pizza was very nice of him to do, and I really appreciated it,” Anna Hallowell (10) said.

Although AP Psych can take more out of class time than other courses, most students felt that the extra time was worth their while.

“I found that AP Psych was actually an amazing class to take. The workload compared to other classes is a lot more heavy but it’s very content specific where it’s not busywork, it’s actual work that’s associated with the lessons you’re learning,” McCambridge said.