Q&A: Jacob Steianiak (9)


Jacob Stefianiak (9) poses for a picture after being interviewed. Stefianiak is a lover of Subway sandwiches.

Jacki Hoffman

Q: Why do people call you Jakesubway?

A: “I created the name when I making my Twitter and it just stuck I guess.”

Q: How many times do you go to Subway a week?

A: ”[At least a] couple of times a week.”

Q: Why do you go so much?

A: ”I love that you can customize your own sandwich and also I like to try new things [that they make].”

Q: Do you have a favorite sandwich? Why?

A: ”My favorite sandwich is probably a steak and cheese [sandwich] because it is very good and filling.”

Q: Favorite Subway location? Why?

A: ”My favorite Subway location is the Dyer one on [Route] 30 because the workers know me and always make my sandwich just right.”

Q: How much money do you think you’ve you spent on Subway?

A: “I’ve probably spent over a couple of thousand. I started eating Subway [regularly] when I was 6 [years old] so it adds up.”

Q: What do you like most about the Subway franchise?

A: ”The thing I like most about the Subway franchise is that I get to customize my sandwich exactly how I like it.”

Q: Has Subway ever reached out to you?

A: “They favorited one of my tweets about them once.”