2015 Hoosier Girls’ State


One of the numerous cities at Hoosier Girls’ State cheers before the flag retreat on Wednesday, June 24. Flag raising and retreat was a vital part of the program, as all delegates were required to attend.

Sarah Bredar

On Sunday, June 21, 11 female students from Lake Central drove three hours to Trine University for a week-long stay at Hoosier Girls’ State, or HGS. This event, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, is a long-standing institution known for promoting women to participate in politics and veteran affairs.

“Girls’ state was an extremely empowering experience in which I met incredible young individuals that held the utmost hope in regards to change in our future,” Niji Shah (12) said.

Before arriving, the students were assigned to a political party, either the Federalists and the Nationalists. These parties were vital in the election process and in the two-party rally, where each side cheered for their candidates before any speeches were given.

“The two political parties helped show how the real world is divided in parties. Even though we were separated between [Nationalist] blue and [Federalist] red, I was amazed with how after the [two-party] rally everyone got along with each other regardless [of] their colors. The parties really helped create a friendly rivalry which ultimately helped unite the girls,” Maria Moricz (12) said.

HGS provided its participants with a unique opportunity to not only learn about different levels of government, but also to campaign and be elected for positions in a mock-government.

“My favorite memory from Girls’ State had to be when we were campaigning. It was a lot of fun to meet so many people and see what they were running for. Also, there were a lot of creative ways that people were doing it. One girl got out her guitar and walked around serenading people for their votes,” Jovana Dodevska (12) said.
Also included in the week were several veterans appreciation services, like the POW/MIA presentation and speeches given by members of the organization Honor Flight. This program gives veterans a chance to go and see their respective memorials in Washington D.C. Inspired by Honor Flight’s mission, the attendees of HGS raised over $5000 for the organization.