Goal after goal


Sydney Dragos (10) goes to kick the ball away from a Michigan City player. The game began later than expected at 6:45 p.m.

Jessica Wojton, Author

After a rocky start to the season, the girls varsity soccer team pulled a victory against Michigan City with a final score of 8-0 on Aug. 25. It did not take long for the girls to prove themselves by making the first goal only seven minutes into the game.

“At the start of the game, you saw the girls were a little panicked to [score] and then once they relaxed and started passing the ball, the defense opened up, and that’s when the goals started happening. I would say that impressed me the most,” Coach Shawn Thomas said.

The goals did not stop there. Three more goals were made in the first half, and one at the last minute. Four more goals were made in the second half, with the last two within 40 seconds of each other.

“In today’s game, it was really a team effort. Everybody was moving the ball, and I think we had six different goal scorers, so that shows that,” Coach Thomas said.

The tremendous win is sure to give a boost to the Lady Indians throughout the rest of the season and post-season.

“I think [this game] will give us a little push [for the rest of the season]. We’ve been a little down with tying Griffith and losing at the South Bend tournament, so I think we’re getting a little more motivation,” Cailee Wilkinson (11) said.

The girls will square off against the Highland Trojans on Aug. 29 at home.