Dance details for Homecoming

Lauren Davidson

This year’s homecoming dance will be new and improved since there was not a dance last year due to low ticket sales. The dance will be held Saturday, Sept. 26, the day after the football game, by the new library from 6-10 p.m. The dress code has also changed to semi-formal with the theme of Club Blue.

“The theme is called Club Blue. Through Dollars for Scholars, we have a homecoming committee and we voted. We picked different names, and that was the theme that got the number one choices. It’s a nightclub theme. We are having a lot of nice, bright decorations,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

There will be a variety of entertainment options including a DJ, a professional photographer, finger foods and drinks. The food and drinks will be set up in the Town Square area. Tickets can be purchased for $25 per student at under High School Special Events. Ticket sales start on Aug. 31 and go until Sept. 15. The dance permission form and rules of conduct acknowledgement, which can be found during the process of buying tickets, must be filled out, and they will be accepted when the ticket is purchased. Students of the grades nine through 12 are welcome to attend.  

Only seniors are allowed to bring outside guests. Forms for bringing outside guests can be found in the Main Office and must be filled out by noon on Sept. 7. These forms must be approved and turned in on time. Those students who turn in the forms on time will be assigned a Lake Central ID to purchase their tickets online.

“I think [changing these things] will [encourage more people to come] because in the past, students have complained that they don’t want to just wear what they wear to the game to the dance. That’s one thing we want to stress. It’s open [for] grades nine through 12 because freshmen don’t really have a dance that they can go to. This will give them [the] opportunity to have their first real high school dance. We are stressing a group setting so you can have a date, but we just want this to be a fun group thing for everybody to enjoy. I think that’s one thing that will get people to come because it’s kind of like the stress is off, [and] you know you can just have fun with your friends and be in a group,” Ms. Kline said.