Senior Class Motto

Micheal Daniels and lakecentralnews

Each year the Senior Class Cabinet is given the task of choosing a motto that will motivate and represent the current seniors. At a recent meeting, Class President Rachel Giese (12) led debates on choosing a motto applicable to and representative of the Class of 2012.
“I wanted to choose something that would positively inspire my fellow classmates and help them pull through the last few months of our senior year,” Giese said.
After discussing several possibilities for the Senior Class motto, the cabinet finally agreed on a motivational statement. The senior class motto: “Take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go.” This statement is an anonymous quotation that Giese found in her research for possible class slogans.
“I think it truly describes how a senior should feel in high school, proud of all of his or her accomplishments up to this point and anxious to see what the future holds for them in areas like college, jobs, careers and starting life as an adult. It is perfect to say that we all cannot wait to see what will become of our futures,” Kristen Alexa (12) said.
When choosing a class motto, it is important to have a class sponsor that actually cares about the students. Mrs. Julie Koricanic, West Lake, has sponsored the Class of 2012 for three years, so she understands the importance of motivation for seniors.
“Every class needs a motto that sets the tone for the senior class. It gives them something to aspire to,” Mrs. Koricanac said.