Study survival skills


College students can cut costs by shopping online for used textbooks. (Photo courtesy Fotolia/TNS)

Colleen Quinn, Author

There are so many ways to study, but not all are effective. When it comes to studying for AP classes, it’s time to get serious. Close out of Netflix and crack open a book because it is going to be a long school year.

Yes, it is an AP class. No, it is not the end of your existence. Many students are intimidated by the new atmosphere when they walk into their first AP class. However, regardless of the class’s difficulty level, it can be conquered.

The first step is to read ahead. Know the content prior to the class, and that will help with the comprehension of the new, foreign concepts that will be introduced.

The second step is simple: take notes and pay attention to everything the teacher says. It might not seem like the teacher’s 20-minute rant about the process of pasta making could mean anything, but it’s the moral of the message that counts.

The third and most important AP survival tip is to do the homework, and do it thoroughly. Not only will this help provide a better understanding of the topic, but it is a huge grade booster. The tests are difficult, so don’t expect them to be easy “A”s.

Follow these three basic steps and success won’t be a problem. There will definitely be obstacles along the way, but every class can be overcome.