College pressure is on


A senior begins to complete the Indiana University Wells Scholarship. The scholarship application has been posted in the Guidance Office, and must be submitted by Sept. 11.

Gianna Mills, Author

With the pressure of college applications and acceptances hovering over seniors’ minds, it is important to be aware of every task that needs to be completed before the Class of 2016 can walk across the stage in May.

“Apply early. Know your deadlines, that’s probably one of the most important [tasks]. If you miss your deadlines, you can’t get an extension like teachers do,” Mrs. Brynn Denton, Guidance Counselor, said.

With useful tools such as Naviance at students’ fingertips, it is simple to request teacher recommendations, complete the Common Application, discover scholarship opportunities and revisit important aspects of their high school careers.

“I recommend students follow both [our Twitter and blog]. There’s thousands of scholarships throughout the United States,” Denton said.

The guidance Twitter can be found with the handle @LCHS_Guidance, and the blog at Guidance counselors have been assisting seniors with the tedious process of college applications.

“We’ve been meeting with [seniors] for about a week and a half. We do individual meetings with each senior,” Denton said.

To provide even further assistance to the seniors, Mrs. Denton and other staff members will be having a workshop during Oct. 14 to help with scholarships, essays and other college processes. Information will be available in the near future.