AP Student Struggles


Several large stacks of school work sit on the floor. Assignments have been more frequent since the beginning of the school year.

Brittney Howell

AP English 11 is considered by some students one of the most dropped out classes in Lake Central. Each school year the school has provided AP classes for students who are interested in a greater academic challenge, but the question is: Why are most people dropping out of AP English 11?

“The students would epicly fail the summer reading test. Even if they read, they just weren’t as prepared. We were tired of seeing students struggle right from the beginning. So we devised this active approach of making you actually do some tasks so that when you walk in, you have a better familiarity with the material. So not only are you getting a grade for what work you’ve done, the test itself is 10 times easier,” Mr. Christopher Engel, English, said.

A large number of AP students have been hesitant to participate in the course with a fear of the difficulty level.  

“We want it to be difficult, we want the students to slightly struggle because you don’t learn anything from being comfortable, you don’t learn anything from not being challenged and you don’t learn anything from getting things right. You may learn the material, but once you get it right, that’s it, you’re done with it. So you need to be stressed and you need to be pushed to event the point of breaking to realize how you can do things better,” Mr. Engel said.