Turning something old into something new


One of the many basketball cut outs propped up against more wood works. Mr. Paul Volk’s ,art, 3D art students helped cut and sand the old gym flooring.

Emily Lisac, Author

With the continuing construction on the school, Mr. Paul Volk, Art, has innovated a way to remember the past, fundraise and bring the student body together.

 “I thought over a year ago to save some of the flooring from the field house and use it as a fundraiser. I thought Dollars for Scholars would be a perfect opportunity to raise some money for my 3D art class to get a new kiln. I was able to put in the fundraising application and then was able to secure a small amount of wood flooring that fortunately didn’t make it to the landfill,” Mr. Volk said.

After getting the OK from the administration, Mr. Volk asked his eager 3D art students to help cut and paint the wood.

“We are in the process of making volleyballs, basketballs and plain circles from the old gym floor and are selling those for 50 dollars a piece. Mr. Terry Richardson’s, Vocational, students are making easels out of aluminum that look really cool and we are selling those as a combination for $75. Instead of giving [alumni] a square piece of wood, I’m trying to make it more artistic and personal so that the people who graduated can remember playing basketball and volleyball on that court,” Mr. Volk said.

Along with raising money for Dollar for Scholars, Mr. Volk hopes that the effort will bring the attention of the community and will show individuals coming together to help a good cause.

“I hope [the fundraiser] shows that we take a lot of things for granted here, and what we are supposed to be about is the kids. We are getting the school involved, and once we get the school’s students involved, then the community becomes aware, and [it brings attention to] what the school is doing. Not only are these kids doing something [for the school], but everyone is pulling together to get to the same goal and objective,” Mr. Volk said.  

A display is expected to be up in the library or office. If anyone is interested in buying one, contact Mr. Volk at [email protected].