Decorating the Hallways of Lake Central


The Gridiron Moms paint a banner in the cafeteria. “Good luck. Sack the Wolfpack,” Nicole Kelly, member of the Gridiron Moms, said. The Gridiron Moms hope for the best for the upcoming game this Friday.

Kaylynn Ward

On Sept. 20, volunteers gathered to help give the school homecoming spirit. Clubs such as the Gridiron Moms, Lake Central Theatre Company, N-Teens and all class cabinets participated by decorating the halls with festive decorations.

“[The Gridiron Moms] are decorating the cafeteria so that way it looks great for the team and everyone associated with the team, and they know that we support them,” Kris Pilewski, member of the Gridiron Moms, said.

The Lake Central Theater Company’s members decorated the hallway by their Theater Director, Mrs. Neth’s room with the theme of their new t-shirt, “All the World’s a Stage”. The participants worked diligently to finish their banner.

“[The Theater Company] is following the Homecoming theme for our banner which is ‘Go Blue or Go Home,’ and then for our hallway we are working the design around our new t-shirt,” Elise Bereolos (12) said.
The hard work that took place on Sunday can be recognized by the elaborate decorations that hang throughout the halls. From Sept. 21 to 25, Lake Central students will be participating in Spirit Week for the upcoming game on Friday against the Michigan City Wolves.