Collaborative creation


The improv group Straight Outta Broadway performs. The show took place on Sept. 24.

Justin Andrews

Over this past week, the Advanced Theater class performed a series of three improvisation shows. The groups were called Straight Outta Broadway, Average J.O.E. and Act-ion Reaction. The students performed in front of many of their friends and family members in the LGI room.

“One of my favorite things about performing improv shows is the fact that I get to entertain for an audience. I really like hearing them laugh and enjoy themselves. It’s cool knowing that I put a smile on everyone’s face,” Sophia Boeckstiegel (10) said.

For the improv shows, students must be able to come up with their lines and actions on the spot, with no previous knowledge of the topic they must act out on stage. Before each segment, also known as a game, the host went into the audience and asked people watching to call out a place or topic for the group to act out.

“I love the moments when you can pick up on what the other actor is going to say and it’s just the coolest feeling of group mind on stage,” Megan Barry (12) said.

The class has another Improv Show on Oct. 8 also in the LGI room. For only $5, students can enter the show and purchase snacks and drinks for an extra price.