Conquering the Gladiators


Nikko Kolintzas (11) leads an offensive attack. Kolintzas scored two goals against the Gladiators.

Stefan Krajisnik, Author

The boys varsity soccer team defeated the Gavit Gladiators 10-0 in their first round of sectionals.  The team started off strong with a 5-0 lead within the first 10 minutes, and carried the momentum throughout the rest of the game.

“It’s hard to say [who the key players were] in a game like this, but I think Nikko Kolintzas (11) is an inspiring player in this new formation. I’m really excited, I’ve coached Nikko since he was younger and to see him over the last three or four training sessions, and to see him scoring again is a big deal for our program,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Vocational, said.

Kolintzas greatly contributed to the team’s victory with two goals. His first goal came only nine seconds into the game, which broke the Lake Central record for the quickest goal to start a game.  The Indian’s center attacking midfielder, Daniel Picioski (11), also contributed with two goals and two assists.

“We looked to possess the ball and play through our wing players and we think it went well. We got some goals from crosses, so I’d say it was pretty successful,” Picioski said.

The Indians feel confident that they have a chance to make a title run this year, but they are approaching the season as one game at a time.

“You do take it one game at a time, but you get into a game like this and you realize not getting injured and not getting cards are important to proceeding through the tournament like you want, so you’re always looking at one game at a time, but you’re always peeking over and looking at the next one,” Coach Rainwater said.

Lake Central will host the final game of sectionals against the Highland Trojans on Saturday, Oct.10 at 1 p.m..

“Knowing how Highland plays, it’s going to be a game where reading our opponent is going to be a big deal.  They drop off well defensively, so how high of a line they play against us is yet to be seen.  If they play a really high line we’re going to have to get early balls in, [but] if they drop in and put 10 guys in the box then we’re going to have to work about possession a bit more,” Coach Rainwater said.