Spooky Script


Sophia Boeckstiegel (10) cries into Megan Barry’s (12) shoulder. Boeckstiegel was crying because Barry scared her.

Paityn Emro

Thursday, Oct. 8, the Advanced Theatre class hosted their annual fall show, located in the LGI. The groups were Act-tion Reaction, Average J.O.E. and Straight Outta Broadway. Lots of laughs and giggles were erupted throughout the show.

“Theatre has impacted my life so much, it obviously gives you a better sense of communication. You know how to talk to people a lot better, because it’s what you do constantly. You know how to work your way out of any situation, especially with improv,” Megan Barry (12) said.

Improv shows vary from regular theatre shows. With improv, one of the cast members will ask the audience to pick a setting or topic for the game they’re playing. The students have to come up with everything else from the top of their head without any prior knowledge of what the scene will be, unlike a regular play where they just have to memorize their lines.

“All my friends are in it and it’s fun for us all to get together at school and have a bunch of fun. [Other than that,] it’s fun to be a character and make people laugh,” Hannah Souronis (11) said.
The class has another improv show on Oct. 14 in the LGI for $5. Doors open at 7 p.m.