Spectacle of spirit


The Wind Ensemble performs at the pep rally. The pep rally, which was meant to raise anti-bullying awareness, was held on Oct. 9.

Kylie Thomsen, Author

The first pep rally in 27 years was held on Oct. 9.  Some of the events that were held during the pep rally were the sports teams being acknowledged for their accomplishments, Alexis Miestowski (10) being acknowledged for her state championship and Principal Sean Begley and Athletic Director Chris Enyeart sumo wrestling each other.

“[The sumo wrestling] was really funny. [However,] I thought [sitting in the bleachers] was really claustrophobic and wanted to leave,” Taylor Roach (9) said.

Many people had different opinions on the pep rally, but most people liked how they showed off the sports teams’ accomplishments.

“I like that they recognized everyone from [each] sport because not everyone goes to sporting events, so everyone was able to see what they do,” Amy Denton (10) said.

While most people liked it, there were some people who thought that they should have focused more on the bullying part of the assembly.

“I really liked the pep rally, but I think that they should have made it more about bullying,” Jordyn Boecker (11) said.

Few students liked that it mentioned bullying, but felt that it should have been more elaborate on considering the time frame of the assembly.

“Since the pep rally was about anti-bullying I thought they should have said more about bullying instead of explaining all about the sports, but that also was a good idea because we got to learn about what other sports were doing,” Molly Stokes (10) said.