Walks of Life

Katie Pino and lakecentralnews

With every new class comes new students and new ideas. This year, Emily Yuratovac (12) and Thomas Lozanoski (12) took the initiative to start a new club to provide acceptance of the LGBT population and provide all students with a safe environment without bullying or censorship.

“Emily had the idea to create the club, and I agreed that the school needs a place for students of diverse sexual backgrounds because it is sometimes difficult for students to get the support elsewhere. We found more students who were interested and got it started,” Lozanoski said.

Spectrum has recieved opposition along with creating controversy. However, every person involved in the club stresses the importance of keeping school a safe place for all students.

“[The purpose of the club] is to promote equal rights and friendship between students,” Alexandra Dumezich (12) said.

The club meets every white Monday and consists of approximately 50 members, but for a regular meeting there is around 15 members.

“[The club] mostly discusses censorship and bullying. Occasionally, we will play games like Apples to Apples,” Dumezich said.

Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, Science, the club’s sponsor, wants to help students find acceptance through the club.

“What we want is for people to be accepting in the world of people’s choices,” Martin said.