Ping-Pong Club Bounces Back into LC


Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

The ping-pong club is making its way into the high school, giving students the opportunity to explore the sport. The sponsor of the club, Ms. Joan Loden, Mathematics, has a clear mindset of the reason behind the club.

 “[Ping-pong] will be a leisurely activity where students can come and play with friends on Wednesdays when they have free time,” Ms. Loden said.

 Students can enjoy a relaxing game of ping-pong, a simple and distracting activity, in order to let go of the troubles of everyday life.

 “The students can have a fun, relaxing activity to do in the midst of the stresses that high school provides,” Ms. Loden said.

 The Ping-Pong Club was orginally created by a former group of students who coined it as the Table Tennis Club. The Table Tennis Club was created in 2008 by Ms. Loden’s AP Calculus class, but the club disbanded once the students lost interest and also graduated. The Ping-Pong Club was recreated at the request of a current student.

 “A student of mine, Melanie Grozdanoska (11), asked about the club. I had sponsored it a few years back, so I agreed to sponsor it again,” Ms. Loden said.

 The club will bounce back and hopefully be held on Wednesdays in Ms. Loden’s room, E201.