A place to party


Many of the students enjoy coloring Halloween pictures with each other. Those in attendance loved having extra fun time and loved being able to flaunt their costumes prior to Halloween.

Colleen Quinn, Author

Sometimes it is just necessary to take some time out of a busy day and have some fun. Two of the West Lake classrooms took advantage of some extra time to throw the students a costume party before Halloween.

“It’s a good time for the kids to work on their social skills and leisure time activities,” Mrs. Holly Sweetings, West Lake, said.

With an assortment of food and numerous activities to participate in, it was surely a great time for both students and staff.

“I got to color, so that was my favorite [part of the party],” Joey Sykes (9) said.

With food, friends and games, the students were allowed to dress in their costumes. From princesses to pirates, there was definitely a fun variety of costumes to be seen.

“My costume is a skeleton, but my favorite one is Snow White,” Shannon O’Brien (10) said.
The party was a great way for the students and staff to come together to have a bit of fun. It was truly a great way for everyone to start off the Halloween weekend with a smash.