Preparing for performance


The group rapidly sets up their equipment and props before the show. They finished setting up the first scene in under one minute.

Brittney Howell, Author

The Lake Central Theatre Company performed a short show on Nov. 12 and 13 in preparation for their contest on Nov. 21. Mr. Ray Palasz, English, has high hopes for this group this season.

“This show is to prepare the group for their competition coming up. We are all working very hard. They’ve all been preparing for quick scene changes in which the students must eliminate all of the props on the stage as fast as possible,” Mr. Palasz said.

The show is called “Every 17 Minutes the Crowd Goes Crazy.” It is about a family in which each member has a mental disorder. The show shares dramatic and emotional moments with audience members, and it lasted for about 45 minutes.

“I really liked this show. It was really emotional and touching. I’d definitely go see it again. It was sad but interesting. I’d recommend it to a friend,” Taylor Gleason (10) said.