Staying healthy over Thanksgiving


Follow these tips to be sure your turkey makes it to the table safely. Used with limited license: Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS

Emily Rey, Author

Thanksgiving is known as the day for consuming your weight in food. Most will throw their diets right out the window and splurge on this day but, if you want to remain fairly healthy, here are some quick tips.

Meat – If eating turkey, instead of dark meat, choose white meat. It has less fat and calories. Baked ham is an excellent source of protein, but keep an eye out for the products in its baste.

Potatoes – Eat sweet potatoes over regular. Sweet potatoes have tons of nutrients like Vitamin A and are also lower in calories.

Cranberry Sauce – Choose homemade over canned, because canned cranberry sauce is high in sodium and fats.

Vegetables – Eat roasted green beans or brussel sprouts over green bean casserole. Brussel sprouts are extremely low in calories and have a good amount of fiber. Green bean casserole contains a lot of fat and has three times the calories and fat as plain green beans.

Desserts – Eat a small portion. Most desserts are made with sugar and butter, so select a small portion to limit the consumption of sugar.

Source: EXOS Blog 25 Best and Worst Foods for Thanksgiving