Q&A: Mia Rinaldi (9)


Mia Rinaldi (9) is one of the three freshmen on girls’ varsity swimming. Rinaldi had been swimming since she was five. Photo by: Paityn Emro

Katelyn Pass, Author

Q: How does it feel to be a freshman on varsity?

A: It feels pretty good because not a lot of people in sports really get to be on varsity. It takes a lot of work but, starting off on varsity, I know that I’ll be improving a lot.

Q: What are the major differences from club swimming to high school swimming?

A: High school swimming is more of a team sport. We really work together more, we cheer on people and [we] just want the team overall to do better.

Q: How is the season going?

A: The season’s going really well. I’m improving a lot. My times are definitely faster than before.

Q: What are your strengths?

A: Breaststroke is my best stroke, and I’m already improving. All my strokes in general are getting faster.

Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: [My weakness is] backstroke. I’m not the best [at that stroke].

Q: When did you start swimming?

A: I started swimming when I was five.

Q: How do the upperclassmen treat you because you’re a freshmen?

A: The upperclassmen are really nice and supportive. We all just work as a team to help each other.

Q: How does it feel to compete against upperclassmen?

A: It’s a little intimidating because you know they’re going to be faster than you, but you still try as hard as you can. They really help you improve.

Q: What are you looking forward to this season?

A: I’m looking forward to Sectionals, seeing my friends get really good times and seeing myself improve.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being on varsity?  

A: [My favorite part about being on varsity is] the away meets and the more respect you get.