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Q&A: Mr. Joe Fox, Math

Mr. Joe Fox, Math, teaches an Algebra 2 Honors class. Mr. Fox has been teaching at LC for 31 years.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: This is my 31st year teaching.

Q: Did you major in math in college?

A: I have two undergrad degrees. My first undergrad degree is in industrial management. The other is in math. [With an industrial management degree,] you’d be in a management position in industry. There were places I wanted to work that just weren’t hiring when I got out of college, so that’s why I went back. When I came out with a math degree, everybody wanted me. There were people from California calling me trying to get me to teach at their schools. Math teachers were in short supply at that time.

Q:  What classes do you teach?

A: [I teach] AP Stats and Algebra 2 Honors.

Q: What’s your favorite class to teach?

A: AP Stats because I can make it relative to anything. I think it’s one of the most useful classes because it does play in all fields. It will show up in your college career.

Q: Would you suggest AP Stats to someone?

A: Yes, I would suggest it to anybody. Stats shows up on in AP Biology, AP Psychology, probably AP US History, it’s everywhere. Everybody should take a stats course because it shows up in college. In this day and age, everything is data driven, and a lot of people use data wrongly. So I do suggest it to anybody who could take a stats course to do so. It doesn’t have to be AP, we have a one semester course too, but AP does help you; it makes you more prepared.

Q: Do you think it should be required like Geometry and Algebra 2?

A: The state has gone through and put more stats in Algebra 2 and other classes. I don’t know if it should be required; you guys already have so many required classes, but what I don’t want to see is a student sitting in a study hall while they could be taking a stats class.

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