How to stay organized for finals


Highlighting papers is just one way that students stay organized for finals. Students use many different techniques to study for finals.

Morgan Grudzien

Staying organized during finals can be a challenge. There are many final reviews to complete and it is very easy to become disorganized. Even when finals get stressful, it is easy to get organized.

  1. Keep all worksheets that were completed before the final. Worksheets may help when doing the final study packet and when studying.
  2. Have all of the papers from every class in separate folders. It is easy to mix up papers from various courses. When it comes time to study for finals, it helps to have everything organized.
  3. Plan a study schedule. Trying to cram the night before adds more stress. Plan on studying a week before the final, giving time to ask any necessary questions.
  4. When studying, take breaks. When studying in short increments, the information seems shorter. Also, reward free time for studying a certain amount of material.
  5. Highlight questions on the packet that are not understood. That way, when studying later, those questions will stick out.