Homework hysteria over break


A student reads and annotates “Friday Night Lights” by H.G. Bissinger, which was assigned during class. Some classes are giving students homework to do over the two week winter break.

Jessica Wojton, Author

After the stress over finals is done and over with, most students want to spend the winter break being carefree. However, some courses include homework over the break.

A majority of students have mixed feelings about the work load, but some find it to be very helpful to their school schedule.

“It’s kind of a good thing because it keeps you thinking about school and focused, and then you’re not just thrown back into all of the work when you get back from break,” Jenna Buntin (11) said.

While some people might find this decision beneficial, others find it stressful during a time that is meant for relaxation.

“I think most of the time, homework over break is more busy work oriented because we’re not learning anything. It’s not like we started something new at the end of the semester and we’re carrying it on the next semester, it’s just we’re doing it to do it,” Victoria Ross (11) said.

Regardless of what people think of the homework assigned, most people understand why the decision was made and hope to work efficiently throughout the next two weeks off.

“I think that if students actually paced themselves and spent a little time once or twice a week doing their homework over break, then it would be an easier transition back into school,” Katelyn Arndt (11) said.

With proper planning and time management, work for any class, even homework over breaks, can become less stressful and easier to complete.
“Just try and spread it out because it’s not fun to have a huge pile of work that you could have spread out in two weeks to do in one day. If you spread it throughout the entire [break], then it’s calm,” Ross said.