Girls Basketball Defeat East Chicago


Victoria Gard (12) defends her team by blocking her Cardinal opponent. Gard had attempted to score baskets during the game.

Ashley Kralik, Author

The crowd began to grow anxious on Wednesday, Dec. 16 as the varsity girls basketball game against East Chicago had yet to begin. The music and pounding bleachers echoed their way into hallway, the crowd’s anticipation being heard all throughout the school.

Due to their strong defense, the Lady Indians won by a mere two-point lead: 66-64. The game was close, but the girls had brought home another win for LC.

“The girls off the bench came in when we had a couple people that fouled out. They really stepped up and did good. We worked as a team,” Cheyenne Mathas (10) said.

17 baskets were made during the first period, 16 in the second and 17 again in the third. During the game, there were 20 fouls.

“We had let up a little bit in the second half, but we knew what we had to do,” Mathas said.
The next varsity girls basketball game will be Friday, Dec. 18 against Crown Point.