Teach to Appreciate

Brittney Seapan and lakecentralnews

What is volunteering to you? To LC students, it means a lot more than just getting points; it is establishing a feeling of accomplishment after doing something they care about.

N-Teens is a volunteer club where you get a chance to give back to people in the Lake County area. The club has been appreciating teachers for the past two months and plans to continue on for the rest of the year.

“The club decided to give little appreciation gifts to the teachers periodically. We have about 25 students who have been staying to put the little gifts together after school,” Mrs. Erin Rawls, Mathematics, said.

During the month of October, the club made little brown bags with candy corn inside. This November, they made tiny ducks that looked like mini Indians and Pilgrims.

“This is an easy way for students to get points for volunteering if they are unable to go out and volunteer and still give back,” Rawls said.

The N-Teens students believe this is a great way to reward themselves.

“I feel it’s important to give back to teachers, because they always have to put up with us; they deserve to be rewarded,” Ryan Janusz (11) said.