Lack of Chemistry Clubs

Holly Pearson and lakecentralnews

With many academic clubs, one area that is lacking is the science department.  All of the chemistry clubs are student-run, but there was a lack of students willing to launch them this year.
“We realized there was a need for a chemistry club to help towards majors relating to science,” Megan Bereda (12) said about co-founding Women In Science and Engineering last year.
Chemistry is a rather involved subject and requires a lot of effort.
“Chemisty is a harder class which requires a lot of thinking, and some people just don’t want to put that effort in,” Bereda said.
However, some think that a couple of the science-based clubs are making a comeback.
“Chemistry is tough, and people can just be lazy sometimes. We are stepping it up with the Robotics Team, and W.I.S.E. is still going on,” Shannon Putnam (12) said.
Even though science subjects can be difficult, not all the clubs are down for the count.