Yoga Pants Madness

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

Black Friday offered heart-stopping deals that would make any person attend the mall. What attracted hundreds of girls to Victoria’s Secret seemed to be the sale of a lifetime.  Samantha Gibson (11) was part of the swarm of girls when Victoria’s Secret opened.

“Once the store opened, everyone from the back started pushing forward. The pushing was so bad that my Hollister bag broke and all of my stuff including my camera, car keys, wallet and phone fell out,“ Gibson said.

What made the girls go mad was the biggest sale at the store: yoga pants being sold for $25. Courtney Weston (10) had her opinion of the sale as she witnessed the store opening from the second floor.

“I don’t think it’s worth standing in that. I didn’t even think the deal was that great, and when I went again at four in the afternoon, it seemed restocked and had the same things just without the chaos,” Weston said.

Several Victoria’s Secret stores experienced madness during Black Friday with girls resorting to violence all for what seemed like a pair of regular yoga pants.