A Multipole Moment


Elise Smith (12) pours iodine crystals to a test tube. Laurel Taylor (12) recorded any observations of the reaction.

Cami Wallace, Author

For seventh hour matrix, Mr. David Harnish’s, Science, ACP Chemistry 2 class participated in a lab on Monday, Jan. 25.

“The purpose of the lab was to show students, in a laboratory setting, the differences between polar, nonpolar and ionic compounds by looking at their differences in solubility and melting point,” Mr. Harnish said.

The lab offered students a fresh look on the unit they were covering.

“We are working on covalent bonding and polarity in the lecture part of the course, so these reinforce the concepts we’ve covered: concerning how to determine whether a compound is polar or nonpolar and looking at their characteristics,” Mr. Harnish said.

Giving a hands-on experience, students were able to visualize the chapter objectives.

“I liked the part where we got to see the purple smoke coming from the element because it was cool to see the reaction before your eyes,” Helena Zakher (11) said.