Creating a storybook setting


Melicah Rodriguez (10) fills the centerpiece with water. The decorations featured a bowl with floating flowers.

Ruth Chen

On the morning of Jan. 23, N-Teens members gave up extra sleep to help transform Halls of Saint George into a “storybook” setting.

“I think it went pretty smoothly. Our coordinators were organized, so they had everything that they wanted. They had their vision, so I think that really helped,” Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, said.

In order to carry out the storybook theme, N-Teens members used balloons and delicate centerpieces.

“The theme is pretty. I think everyone will like [the decorations]. It has a lot of earthy tones and it is very elegant and pleasing,” Dianne Cometa (11) said.

Because they could only decorate the morning of the dance, the tight schedule posed some difficulties.

“It was kind of hard [decorating this year] because usually we have the night before to decorate, but this year we only had the morning,” Anna Hallowell (11) said.

Despite the tight schedule, the volunteers checked off all the tasks of their checklist.

“With what [the coordinators] wanted to do, it did not really require a lot of adjustments this year which was really beneficial. It probably would have caused an issue with some of our other formals before. I would say some difficulties were that the volunteers were really new to it, especially that the girls that were in charge of it were new to being in charge; they haven’t [planned Winter Formal] before, but they were quick learners, which really helped. It really did go smoothly for it being their first time,” Mrs. Becich said.

N-Teens’ efforts in putting on the dance will not go wasted.

“I’m expecting a very crowded dance, since it is the largest dance that we have had so far. I think that will be really exciting, and I think it will just be a really good time,” Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, said.