Not just a teacher


Nina Zochalski (10) and Jenna Bunner (10) pose for a picture with former teacher Mrs. Michele Tyler, English, on their last day of class their eighth grade year. This photo was taken on a sunny day in May 2014. Photo submitted by: Nina Zochalski

Justin Andrews, Author

On Jan. 24, the Lake Central School Corporation lost former English teacher Mrs. Michele Tyler . Mrs. Tyler made a huge impact on the lives of those she taught, treating them as though they were more than just students.

“Mrs. Tyler pushed me out of my comfort zone while learning. She taught me not to be afraid to express my feelings and to be who I am. She not only taught me how to write effectively, but also how to grow as an individual,” Sarah Santana (10) said.

Whether it was a fight between friends or the passing of a relative, Mrs. Tyler tried her best to comfort those going through a rough patch in their life. However, she always presented challenges in the classroom for each student in order to help them grow academically.

“Mrs. Tyler was a teacher both inside and outside of class. She is the one who helped me to grow as a student and to go above and beyond to achieve greater things in school. She pushed me to always do my best in everything I did. She was more than just a teacher, she was a mentor,” Alyssa Panczuk (10) said.

Making sure her students never felt left behind, she accepted every single one of them into her classroom with a smile and open arms. Just a glance from her could easily brighten a student’s day. She brought her enthusiasm into the classroom, which created a fun learning environment for her students and made them feel like they were at home.

“Mrs. Tyler was always glowing. Every day, no matter what was going on in her personal life, she walked into class with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She helped everyone to see the bright side in every situation. She loved all of her students and was always concerned about them,” Panczuk said.

Mrs. Tyler will be missed dearly by her fellow co-workers, past students, family and close friends. However, she will continue to inspire many throughout the course of their lives, and the memories of her classroom will be cherished forever.