Interact Club Hosts Food Drive

kassandra Lore and lakecentralnews

Every year since 1982, a food drive has been held right before Thanksgiving.
Students in Interact Club have been standing outside of stores asking people for clothes and food; they have been collecting items during school to help out the cause.

“I wanted this year to be very successful,” Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, said.

The food drive started in the beginning of November and Mr. Clark set a goal of 50,000 cans. Mr. Clark intended on starting a lot sooner, but the lack of participation set the food drive back.

“This would have to be our least productive year,” Mr. Clark said.

Teachers were asked to talk to their second hour classes about donating to the food drive, but they were not enthusiastic about it this year.

Mr. Clark’s goal was not reached; however, food was still donated to food pantries, habitat fragmentation and families in need. Prizes were given to the top five classes that collected the most cans.

During the most successful year, all students and staff took part in helping out and donating. Mr. Clark went out of his way to help a specific family.

“One mother lost her son from Vietnam, and we donated a lot of food to her pantries,” Mr. Clark said.