Forensics class scopes out hair


Madelin Price (11) looks through her microscope to see the rabbit hair in 10 times the normal magnitude. Price had to pick out a single rabbit hair out of a bag with tweezers.

Amber Stedt

Have you ever wondered what your hair looks like? Forensics class took a closer look at the comparison of human and animal hair during fourth hour on March 10. They observed the differences between the two and recorded it in their packets that were handed out to them by Mrs.Thomas.

“We are examining different types of hairs, like animal or human, under a microscope. We have to put it on high power to see the definite line inside, and it shows if it’s either straight or jagged,” Hannah Biegel (11) said.

Some students enjoy Forensics more than other basic science classes.  

“Forensics teaches you something that most science classes don’t; it’s more realistic than using fake stuff in other science classes,” Anthony Biegel (11) said.

Students learn about the different characteristics of multiple hairs and are able to differentiate between the different types of hair.

“I learned in this lab that you can tell if a hair is dyed or not, or if it’s from a human or an animal,” Melissa Torres (11) said.