Mock test madness


A poster promoting AP courses is displayed on a third floor bulletin board. Students in AP math, English and science courses recently took mock AP exams to help prepare them for the real tests.

Candace Jarzombek, Author

Throughout the past weeks, AP classes included in the AP TIP-IN program have been taking mock exams to gauge student’s strengths and weaknesses and help teachers decide what they need to review most before the real AP tests. The tests were strenuous, but most students agree that they will be useful when studying.

“I took the AP English and AP Chemistry mock exams. Chemistry took about three hours because we used the double block. The first one was for the multiple choice, the second was for the short answer. English was split up into three different days, one for the big essay, another day for the two smaller ones and then one day for the multiple choice. I hope I do better on the actual AP exam, but they were really helpful,” Anna Hallowell (11) said.

The practice tests took away from class time, but they helped students like Sarah Spivak (11) build confidence for the test in May.

“I think I did pretty well, but I want to get the results back to see just how well I actually did do so I can study for the AP test on the parts that I’m weak on. I think [the tests] were [beneficial] even though they were a pain to do because it showed me what it was going to be like on test day, and it showed me that I could do it,” Spivak said.