Environmental science classes go into the wild


Rebecca Ashby (10) gazes at pine trees from a bridge at the Indiana Dunes. The Environmental Science classes spent the day hiking through the trails to learn about succession.

Emily Badger, Author

The regular and AP Environmental Science classes trekked through the Indiana Dunes on Thursday, March 31, to get a hands-on learning experience about succession and how it affects the local national park.

“It was nice to get out of the classroom. We learned a lot about succession and trees. [Going on the field trip] helped me better understand [what we are learning about],” Rebecca Ashby (10) said.

Park rangers guided the classes through tough trails and informed students of the plants and animals native to the park. Although it may not look like it, the Dunes is home to 1,130 different plants.

“I learned that cottonwood can grow underground,” Kelly Shelton (11) said.

Students agree that while the field trip was informational, it was also enjoyable. At the end of the trail the classes got to relax by the beach and appreciate the view.

“[My favorite part of the field trip] was looking back after climbing the stairs and seeing the view.  I liked [going on the field trip when we did] because the temperature wasn’t too hot. It was definitely worth it,” Kailey Bodell (11) said.