Preparation is key to the SATs


Graphic to be used with stories about the SAT’s which are used by colleges for admissions. Photo used with limited license.

Kaylynn Ward, Author

Stressful days are approaching because on Tuesday, April 12, juniors will be taking the SAT. Procrastination is common with high schoolers, especially when preparing for a test. The SAT is no exception, but by managing time wisely, getting creative with notes and avoiding distractions, it will be less aggravating.

“The test [SAT] is very important, so I want to try my best,” Anna Hallowell (11) said.

Time is crucial when taking the SAT. Some students fail to complete some sections of the test because they didn’t have enough time. For practice, students should practice time management when taking a test in one of their classes. By having a wristwatch or a game plan before going into the test, one can be more confident about taking the test.

“To tackle test anxiety, I just relax, breathe and put my head down for a moment to take a breath to calm down,” Kayla Hans (11) said.

Taking notes is a basic task done by students each day. Standard notes can be hard to focus on, therefore leaving students to choose not  to study. Adding a personal touch to notes can make them go a long way. Highlighting in different colors, writing in different pens and fonts and other such embellishments can make notes more extravagant, making them interesting enough to study. If writing notes seem irritating, Quizlet might be the best option. Quizlet offers flashcards and learning options online for when studying for a specific exam. The note taking options are endless and can be a big benefactor for your SAT.

“I’ve been taking practice tests online and the seem to be helping me improve,” Alexis Gerstner (11) said.

Technology plays a big role in procrastination. Phones, computers and televisions are just some of the adversaries to students. If the technology is put away for just the time spent while studying, one can get more accomplished and absorb more information. On the other hand, technology can be somewhat beneficial. Some students prefer to have some sort of noise in the background while studying. Popular music apps have playlists created just for studying. Instrumental music can be more beneficial when studying because one is not as focused on the words in the song but more on the words in your notebook.

“I am a really bad test taker, so I have done some SAT practice tests online,” Tabitha Burrink (11) said.

Being more prepared for the SAT can make the greatest difference in one’s performance. Preparation is the key to standardized tests, and by starting now students can be more relaxed when heading into their testing rooms.