Recognizing essential topics


Mr. Al Gandolfi, Asst. Superintendent, addresses questions about the realtor gathering. The purpose of the gathering was to showcase the new high school.

Emily Mannino, Author

The school board met on April 18 in the LGI room to discuss upcoming events, comment on important issues and recognize students. Although they only met for about an hour and a half, many significant topics were covered.

“The one thing we need to do a better job in is marketing the high school and the corporation as a whole,” Mr. Al Gandolfi, Asst. Superintendent, said.

Lake Central conducted a tour to showcase the new high school to realtors. The gathering was very successful. They hope to eventually create an online virtual tour of the school for parents who are moving to the area to see the high school. They also discussed possibly improving the website to make it more navigable.  

“I think the realtor gathering went very well. The 23 realtors that showed up were very excited with our presentation and the amount of information that they walked away with. They loved the tour. I believe our next meeting for the realtors will be even bigger,” Mr. Gandolfi said.

The middle school dance teams were recognized for their successful seasons. Also, Ms. Rebecca Gromala, Director of Special Education, spoke last night about the number of special needs students in the school corporation.

“I think our number of students with special needs are pretty stable. We didn’t see any changes this year, so there won’t be anything that will require us to make any changes in our teaching staff or any of the services we provide for the students,” Ms. Gromala said.

She discussed the number of special needs students between the years of 2013 and 2015. In addition, she addressed questions from the board about the numbers, and she explained her hopes for the numbers in the future.

“I think since our programs are really strong, we naturally have a lot of parents who come here if their child has special needs. We will continue to provide training for our teachers, and we will continue to support students,” Gromala said.