Holocaust survivor speaks to students


Holocaust survivor Mr. Ernest Fruehauf discusses a photo with Isaiah Billot (12) and Melanie Sanchez (12). This photo contained a young Mr. Fruehauf alongside classmates that was taken before his admission into the concentration camp.

On May 11, Mr. Ernest Fruehauf visited Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, third period U.S. History class. During this visit, Mr. Fruehauf discussed his time in a concentration camp and how not hating people can help lead to peace.

“He’s a national treasure. I used to have Holocaust survivors come in here and talk, but [now] there’s very few of them left. The stuff [Mr. Fruehauf] saw makes it real. [The students] have someone that was really there. You can read in a textbook and you can talk about it, but he’s more powerful. I love his message. [He tells us] don’t hate, and that is the most powerful thing of all,” Mr. Clark said.

Mr. Fruehauf talked to Lake Central students nearly two years ago, thanks to an invitation from Mr. Clark.

“My favorite part is interacting with [the students], answering their questions and telling them what life was really like in the difficult circumstances. You have to try to make the best of it. If you know you’re being hated, just keep living the life you’re used to. Try to stay away from the haters because the haters will never get you out of their mind,” Mr. Fruehauf said.