Indians battle Bulldogs in first round of Sectionals


Claire Gronek (10), Lauren Gronek (11), Kristina Tinsley (11) and Sky Martens (11) gather next to each other in a team huddle before a match. The varsity players have grown close throughout the season.

Colleen Quinn, Author

With worn rackets, worn shoes and a longing for a Sectional title, the Indians traveled out to Crown Point High School to battle the Bulldogs in the first round of Sectionals and came out with a 4-1 loss.

“We played an incredible season and made the best memories. Our record in the DAC improved by a lot and that was a great accomplishment. I’m so proud of our team,” Lauren Gronek (11) said.

Going into the game, the Indians took their goals to heart. Each player pushed to get every point, but the team as a whole still fell short of victory.

“I felt nervous, but confident. There’s always going to be some nerves just because Sectionals is a big deal, but you just have to believe in your playing abilities. Overall, I think I did pretty well in the match and I kept a level mentality. Even though we lost, it was a well fought match,” Anna Wachowski (11) said.

Although the team lost as a whole, the number one singles player will be able to advance to the next round of Sectionals in Highland on Tuesday, May 24.

“We’re not just a team, we’re a family and I’m so proud of how everyone played this year. We’re fighters,” Claire Gronek (10) said.