Preparing for AP classes


Amy Denton (11) works on the AP Chemistry summer packet. AP Chemistry was just one of the many AP classes to require summer work.

Katelyn Pass, Author

All throughout the summer, students have been working on summer work for various AP classes. The work is meant to be beneficial to students and help them prepare for the class.

“I think the work is worth it because it helps you get a feel for the class and lets you make sure you want to take the class before it is too late to drop it,” Amy Denton (11) said.

Even though the work has its pros, it also has its cons. Students may struggle with completing the summer work before the start of school year.

“The pros are that it reminds me of what I need to learn and  have learned. [Summer work] will also prepare me for my upcoming tests and quizzes. The cons are that I haven’t started the work yet, and I’m afraid I won’t have it relearned soon,” Ishika Prakash (11) said.

Even though it takes time and effort, many students are still taking the AP classes for other helpful reasons.

“I am taking them because taking honors and AP classes makes me challenge myself, and I find that I learn a lot more in less time. These classes will prepare me for my college classes, and I hate to be unprepared,” Prakash said.