Q&A with Mrs. Wilkins


Mrs. Wilkins poses at her desk. She was in the process of grading maps for her AP Human Geography class.

Camille Bereolos, Author

Q:  Do you like the new schedule?

A:  I do [like the new schedule] because I like to see all the students three times a week. I also believe traditional days will be more productive than matrix was.

Q:  How do you feel about the traditional day?

A:  I feel like the traditional day can be a little overwhelming, but once everyone gets it down, it will be useful.

Q:  Do you think the new schedule will stay and work out?

A:  I hope it does [work out] because the students need to get used to it.  

Q:  Do you think the new schedule is better or worse for the students?

A:  I think it is better because it  includes a resource period, and that helps students who cannot make it to tutoring because of extracurricular activities. The resource period will also help students who need to make up quizzes or tests from days they were absent.

Q:  Will the traditional days be a regular class for you, or will you do something different?

A:  For my AP Human Geography class, I will just continue the lesson that I was teaching the day before. Where we are at the class determines what we will do.

Q:  Is it hard to go from teaching a 90 minute class to a 45 minute class?

A:  No, it will not be hard because I will adjust the activities that we were doing to [fit the] time that is needed. My job also entails [that I be] flexible, so I need to be able to go from teaching an hour and half class to a 45 minute class.

Q:  Do you think the prep for college is a good class to have?

A:  I do believe prep for college is a good class to have, especially for the freshman and sophomores. It makes them think about classes to take during high school and makes them think about college.

Q:  Do you like this year’s schedule better than last year’s schedule?

A:  I like this year’s schedule better than last year’s because kids did not take matrix seriously. The class that I taught always used matrix as a class period, and kids were missing it.