Q&A Carson Walczak (12)


Carson Walczak (12) dribbles with the soccer ball before practice. Walczak transferred from Bishop Noll after being on their soccer team for two years.

Karisa Candreva, Author

Q: How did you like going to school at Bishop Noll?

A: I liked it my freshman year, but after that it went downhill.  

Q:  What was the Bishop Noll soccer team like?

A: My first year playing soccer there was my sophomore year, and I made the starting varsity team because [the team] was so small. I liked it because of the fact that it wasn’t really competitive for my first year, so that took a lot of pressure off. But, it was a bad team, and it didn’t feel good to go home everyday with a loss.

Q: What is one of the differences between the two soccer teams?

A: Lake Central’s team is a lot more competitive, and has a more challenging conference which is great because it allows the team to be challenged, and it’s cool to see the ways we can win in our conference. At Bishop Noll we didn’t really win so it’s just nice to see the different skill levels of the teams.

Q: How did you feel when you knew you would be coming to LC for your senior year?

A: I was really excited. It was last minute but, I like to take big jumps, try new things and meet new people.

Q: What about LC made you nervous?

A: The size [of LC made me nervous] because I didn’t know how I was going to get around.

Q:  What are some differences between Bishop Noll and LC that you’ve noticed?

A: Bishop Noll’s students are very involved with each other’s lives, regardless of whether they know each other well or not, and the teacher-student relationship is very close. All the students in general are super close, and everybody knows everything, which is annoying because others are in your business. It’s nice here because I see people everyday that I’ve never seen before.

Q: How do you feel about the size differences between the schools?

A: [The size difference] was intimidating at first, but I like it because at Bishop Noll there are only three hallways, and here there is just so much more. I just like the bigger environment.

Q: How were the schedules different, and which one do you like better?

A: At Bishop Noll, [we had] classes 1-7 every day. I like LC’s block schedule a lot better because it’s cool to be able to manage your time the way you want.

Q: Even though LC and Bishop Noll don’t play each other during season, do you want to see your old team excel, or do you want LC to dominate the region?

A: I am definitely all in for LC, but I was supposed to be captain this year at Bishop Noll. The girls on [Bishop Noll’s] team have been playing with me since their freshman year, so I want to see them improve and the team do better, but I want LC to win and be the best.

Q: You were probably used to life at Bishop Noll, so how do you feel about changing schools your senior year?

A: I was excited for it, and the main reason I left was because LC offers classes towards my major that Bishop Noll doesn’t offer, and I thought I might as well do it my senior year because I have all my credits. I wanted to see if taking the classes at LC would make me want to [continue] them going into college.

Q: How are classes you took at Bishop Noll different than ones you are taking this year at LC?

A: Bishop Noll is basically a business oriented school, so the electives they offer are mainly towards business. The regular classes are so small at Bishop Noll, and at LC, the classes are a lot bigger, and they offer way more electives here.

Q: Are there any clubs, activities, or classes at LC that Noll didn’t have?

A: No. For right now, I’m good just with soccer until I find more things to get into and then I will try them.

Q:How has life at LC been treating you?

A: [LC has been treating me] good. [I started out not knowing] anyone other than the soccer team, but then [I can] causally get to know people in my classes and as the year goes on, I’m sure I will get to know them better and more personally.

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: I’m looking forward to making memories and meeting people.  I want this to be a good year, and not regret leaving all my friends and everything at Bishop Noll.