No time for tears


Linda Morton (12) spikes the ball. Her skills gained LC one point.

Dana Brownewell

With a positive outlook and a good attitude, Lake Central’s varsity volleyball team took on Crown Point on Tuesday,  Aug. 30. The girls put in their all, and earned final scores of 25-16, 25-17 and 25-20.

“I think that I need to work on my confidence playing with the older girls because I am one of the youngest girls on the team. It’s hard playing against girls who are 17 and 18 years old,” Taylor Marten (10) said.

The game was close throughout each set, the girls did not go easy on their opponents. Returning passes, smashing spikes and helpful sets were just a few tactics the girls used that night.

“My favorite part of tonights game was everybody coming together as a whole to try to beat a really good team, and I think we did a good job,” Kelly Orze (12) said.

Teamwork is important for every team, and the girls really showed how much it helps.  Never letting themselves get down when missing a point, they kept bouncing back. The varsity team never gave up and made it clear they were there to put up a fight.

“I was pretty nervous, I knew that we had to put our all in to get up a couple points from them comeback, but they are a really good team,” Marten said.

The girls made an excellent comeback and continued to be strong. Catch their next game Thursday, Sept. 1st.