Student Council Calls Out to New Members


Students gather round to listen. Members spoke about signing up.

Morgyn McAllister, Author

On Tuesday , Aug. 30, student council had their first call out meeting in room C317. The meeting had many students from different grades coming to join. Although many students were here to join, they all had their personal reasons why.

“I want to join more clubs before college and student council seemed like a fun one to me,”  Margaret Sablich (11) said.

Student council, also known as student government, hosts two main fundraisers. One of which is Angel Tree. This is a fundraiser where students collect money to go towards a shopping trip for children in need. The goal this year is 20,000 dollars. Last year, they raised 11,000 dollars. This event starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. The club members go shopping on December 15, and will deliver the items the following day.

“I think the upcoming events like color run will be enjoyable and good for everyone to come close as a school,” Valerie Burbach (10) said.

Their second fundraiser is the color run. This event will be held in the spring of 2017. Last year, this event raised around 12,000 dollars. This year their goal is 20,000 dollars.

“The color run to me is a great idea because I personally love running ,and getting people active while raising money,” Joseph Copeland (11) said.

Student council board members stressed needing as many people as possible to join to help out and sell sponsorships for their fundraisers. All members of student council are contacted through a school or personal email.